system and services support for members

this document last revised 2004-12-23 by yossarian holmberg (yossman at yossman.net).

email management

information on redirecting, forwarding, and filtering your email.

  • email management, covering ways to access your yossman.net email, and filtering methods for attempting to lower your incoming spam levels, sort regularly-received reports into different folders automatically, and more.
  • email client setup for SSL support, originally called "yossman.net mozilla + ssl + pop + smtp setup guide", written for supporting the mozilla email client.
  • stunnel setup, which covers a more general way of making secure connections to yossman.net to send and receive email over. (draft documentation)

information regarding passwords and encryption methods available at yossman.net.

  • when choosing passwords, things to keep in mind
  • using gnupg to encrypt files/emails and authenticate who you're talking to (DRAFT)
  • using your unix shell account to change your password (unavailable)
data storage on disk

where your "stuff" is kept, how to see how much space it consumes on the hard drives, and how to control access to some or all of it from being viewed by other users and the general public.

miscellaneous assistance

other information on using yossman.net and unix systems in general.

  • unix command manuals - the distributed official documentation for FreeBSD unix commands, with search tool. these manuals cover commands typed directly into the unix shell prompt, or run in series via scripts. this set of manpages (8-bit clean) is from FreeBSD-4.8-RELEASE unix. 'man.cgi' script originally by Wolfram Schneider (wosch at FreeBSD.org).
  • unix is a four letter word - a more friendly 'unix user's manual' than most system documentation, written by chris taylor.

old support index file is here for nostalgia purposes.