yossman.net mozilla + ssl + pop + smtp setup guide

originally written by manero at yossman.net ( tcollen at neuagency.com ).
last modified by yossman at yossman.net 2004-01-08.

this document is intended for people who want to use direct connect SSL (secured) email sessions with toronto.yossman.net. originally written for the mozilla email client, many of the same fields will be present in other email software. please email support at yossman.net with further questions, thanks!

note: this is a no tunnel setup; SSL and SSH tunnels are covered in other documents.

The first thing you need to do is setup your outgoing (SMTP) server:

Next, you need to setup your incoming mail.

Here you can name the account anything you want.

I tend to use the email address that corresponds with the account, but you can type whatever you want here.

Lastly, we need to tell Mozilla Mail to use SSL POP3.

You should be good to go. You can check your mail, and when you are prompted for your password, simply type in your yossman.net account password. You will also be prompted once when you send an email, as well.

original copyright © 2004 tony collen ( tcollen at neuagency.com ).
copyright © 2004 yossarian holmberg ( yossman at yossman.net ), all rights reserved.
permission to duplicate this document is granted provided these copyright notices remain intact.