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Final Doom DHE

Final Doom DeHackEd has been released. You can download the file here, or get it from I did not write this version, nor have I even used it yet, so please don't email me with questions about it. The person who did all of the work is John Kaczmarski Jr., whose email account seems to have died (

DeHackEd v3.0a

I'm releasing the source code for DHE v3.0a. This was created with Borland C++ v3.1, and your mileage with other compilers may vary (I believe you'll need to hack around with some of the output functions to get it working).

DeHackEd v3.0a was released on Tuesday, September 4, 1995. This bug-fix version removes the problem that DHE v3.0 had of not working for Doom 2 v1.666, 1.7, and 1.7a. If you don't have DeHackEd v3.0 by now, I'm sure that you are itching for a copy of this great program. If that is the case, CLICK HERE to download a copy. It has all of the nifty features that have been advertised, and a few others to boot. The general "new features" list for DeHackEd v3.0 is as follows:

Once you have the program, you will probably want to get to work on creating some cool patches. For those of you who do not know where to start in this great endeavor, try checking out Lummox JR's DeHackEd Grab Bag (US Mirror site). It contains all sorts of interesting ideas to try with DeHackEd. Highly recommended!

Andy Shawaluk has emailed me a list of all of the code pointers in Doom, which is REALLY COOL. You can find it here (totally unformatted).

Known Bugs

Check here for the latest new bug information. When this list gets pretty long I will probably not release another version to fix everything. :-(

Hex v0.82pb
Written by Sune Marcher

Sune has released another version of Hex! I still haven't used it myself (sigh, too much to do...) but it is pretty cool. The latest version of it is located here. Sune recently had a SECOND hard drive crash, so remember to back up all your stuff frequently. I don't have anything to do with this hacker, so please redirect any questions about it to Sune.

HHE v1.1

This is the less well known cousin of DeHackEd, called HHE, which has been written to support Heretic. If you wish to download a copy, click here. Beware that in its native form, HHE v1.1 does not support Heretic v1.2 or v1.3. I do NOT plan on releasing any future versions of this program. Make the following changes to your HHE.INI file to use HHE with Heretic v1.2 or v1.3:
# The following are all optional, and included only in the hopes that
# they might be used to fend off future Heretic versions.

# Heretic version #
# 0 for now
version = 0

# The size of the user-defined heretic.exe file.
size = 728031

# These are the offsets for the various data sections...
thingoff = 617600
soundoff = 639734
frameoff = 583860
spriteoff = 583348
ammooff = 635780
weaponoff = 636204
textoff = 563284
codepoff = 257932 <- use this for Heretic v1.2
codepoff = 258020 <- use this for Heretic v1.3

Those who have tried these new values tell me that the Heretic super-weapons patch no longer works quite correctly. I believe Raven probably switched around a few of the data values, so that they are no longer in the same order that they were for the earlier Heretic versions. (They removed the Phoenix Puff and 3 related frames.) And thanks to Andy Shawaluk for giving me info on the code pointers.