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first created by yossman on 2011-10-31.
last update by yossman on 2011-10-31.

toshiba satellite C650D laptop (PSC0YC) (2011)

ubuntu 10.10 linux, kernel 2.6.35-30

update yossman/2011-10-30/31:
- atheros AR8152 fast ethernet network card detected OK out-of-box, and works, BUT:
high network load on SMB/CIFS/NFS causes complete system lockup/hang/freeze
- uses 'atl1c' (ATL1C) kernel driver;
- added 'pci=nomsi' to kernel boot line to fix lockup, hints from: www.hogchain.net/attansic/attansic.html
- note: this kernel version is supposed to have a fix for this type of bug, but maybe not all chipsets combos fixed yet..?

ubuntu 11.10 linux, kernel 3.0.?

update yossman/2011-10-31:
- ethernet network card NOT detected out-of-box, halt job for the moment.

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